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Make Your Best, First Impression

When preparing to transition jobs or careers, your first impression begins with your resume. It’s a humble “brag sheet” that outlines your professional experience, and a personal branding tool that shows your next employer how you can and will add value to their company.

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Your next employer wants to know how you will make a difference in their company. We eliminate the fluff and create resumes that are results-driven.

Using the PAR method, we identify the problem you were solving, highlight the action to solve that problem, and conclude with the results of that action.This allows your experience to shine and show the recruiter that you deserve an interview.

A recruiter won’t spend more than 8 seconds on your resume. If you don’t impress them within that very short time – there goes your interview.
— Brittany Applegate, CEO of The Resume Agency

Simple Process:

  1. Upon confirming your service, you’ll receive an invoice for payment and a questionnaire to upload your most recently updated resume and capture all your professional history, skills, involvement and achievement.

  2. Once your payment is received and your questionnaire is complete, we’ll begin developing your brand new resume, cover letter, or both!

  3. You’ll receive the first draft of your resume 10 business days later! You’ll have one round of edits available from this point!